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Adult Partial Hospitalization Program In Bakersfield, CA

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Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital (BBHH)’s Adult Partial Hospitalization Program may be your first crucial step on the way to recovery, or the transition between inpatient services and the Intensive Outpatient Program. Regardless of your position on the path to a better life, the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program (Adult PHP) is a viable and successful option for treatment of your mental health or substance abuse concerns.

What Does the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program Entail?

The Adult PHP is a combination of individualized, group, and family sessions, organized around the patient and their recovery and mental health team. It is a healing environment inhabited by others who are empathetic to the struggles. The patient needs to be committed to the team and the program, and ready for rapid change and curing challenges.

What Are the Major Steps or Components of the Adult PHP?

Recovery and treatment through the Adult PHP is not a ladder of steps, but rather a fluid river of twists, turns, portages, and hazards. Like the flowing waters, the treatment will change constantly. Eliminating the rigidity of steps helps to ensure confidence and success.

Why Is the Program Necessary?

Sometimes partial hospitalization is needed to stabilize a patient and provide a degree of medical care, while still allowing them the freedom to continue with normal life activities like work or school. It is a stepping stone to promote insight and healing.

What Are the Steps for Admission?

An assessment for admission is as simple as a visit or phone call, or you can contact us online for more information.

Who Is the Right Candidate for the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program?

Anyone with a willingness to dedicate themselves to their recovery from depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders, as well as substance abuse concerns.

What Age Range Is Appropriate for Adult PHP?

Anyone battling mental health and substance abuse issues can benefit from counseling and treatment, but Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital’s Adult Partial Hospitalization Program is specifically for those 18 years of age and older who have an open mind and a curiosity toward a more fulfilling and constructive life.

How Does Someone Know If They Need the Program?

It is often difficult to identify the need on your own, but if you are wondering if you have the symptoms and need the treatment, then you are probably someone who needs the Adult PHP. If you have family, friends, or outside resources suggesting a referral, that is also a good indication that you need intensive treatment.

Adult PHP is also a good option for transitioning from a higher level of care when you need a safe place to step.

How Long Does the Program Take?

Because the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program is individualized and customized, as are all of the treatment plans at BBHH, the length of the program will be different from patient to patient as conditions and circumstances fluctuate.

Does This Program Include Medical Detox?

Medical detoxification is usually necessary when there is the possibility of life-threatening withdrawal from specific drugs or alcohol and must be done at a higher level of inpatient care with 24-hour medical supervision.

If your assessment indicates that your detox can be managed at a lower level of care, treatment recommendations will be made, possibly including Adult PHP.

What Makes the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program Different?

There are no other premier free-standing hospitals in Kern County which offer behavioral health care. Not only is our team-oriented group-focused treatment special, but it is also unique to Kern County.

What Are the Benefits of the Adult PHP?

The pinnacle of this program is the acute management of severe symptoms, which can equal a full hospital inpatient program. A patient can manage the severity of their symptoms while continuing to maintain family, work, school, and other life situations with minimal impact.

Is This an Inpatient or Outpatient Program?

The Adult Partial Hospitalization Program at BBHH is a successful combination of both. It provides the necessary inpatient medical care with the freedom of outpatient services and continued life activities.

What Does the Program Consist Of?

As the patient, you and your family will be part of a recovery team made up of highly-experienced and expertly-trained staff including a psychiatrist, family nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed therapist, and chemical dependency counselors as needed.

Treatment is a blend of individual, group, and family therapy sessions along with outpatient referrals and resources.

How Is a Discharge Plan Determined?

Discharge plans begin with your consent from the very beginning, and can change as you progress. You are involved in every step of the way, so there are no surprises or hidden steps. You are part of establishing a clear path toward specific goals.

What Are the Next Steps After Completing the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program?

Upon completion of the Adult PHP, you will transition into the outpatient program, which may include one-on-one counseling, group therapy, or other outside programs as you get back on a normal path of development and return to a happy, productive, and healthy life.

Contact BBHH Today

If you are ready to dedicate yourself to taking your life back, or you have a loved one whom you think needs partial hospitalization to help them fight their battle, contact Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital today. We can discuss the issues you are experiencing, the programs available, and options for payment and insurance.