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Kern County Mental Health Resources in Bakersfield, CA

Below are names and phone numbers for a variety of resources and mental health-related services in Kern County . In the event that you are in need of a service or support group that does not appear on this list, please contact a member of our staff and ask for further assistance.

The resources that appear in bold are agencies or organizations that can assist you in locating further referrals:

Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

(661) 398-1800

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Crisis Stabilization Unit


Kern County Alliance for Mental Illness- (Local NAMI)

(661) 858-3255 (message line)

Kern County Aging and Adult Services

(661) 868-1000

Kern County Mental Health Access

(800) 991-5272

VA Outpatient Clinic for Mental Health

(661) 632-1800

Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance

(661) 325-5943

Hoffman Hospice Grief Support Group

(661) 410-1010

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA Central Office)

(661) 322-4025

Narcotics Anonymous (24 Hour Help and Info Line)


ALANON-ALATEEN Family Support Groups for Chemical Dependency

(661) 322-1102

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

(559) 221-4544

Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault

(661) 322-0931

CSUB Counseling Clinic

(661) 654-3402

Consumer Family Learning Center

(661) 868-5074

Bakersfield Police Department

(661) 327-7111

Crisis Text Line (suicide hotline via texting instead of a phone call)

Just text HOME to 741741