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Inpatient Services at Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

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Inpatient Services

There may come a time when you or a loved one needs the intense therapy of inpatient services. Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital has programs to meet your needs if that time arises. Through therapeutic education and medication management, coinciding with holistic treatment that includes the entire family, we can help you deal with the immediate crisis, then learn the coping skills necessary to manage your mental health needs.

Youth Services

Our Adolescent and Child Inpatient Services are designed to assist children ages 5-12 and adolescents 13-17 with their distinct mental healthcare needs. We will first work to manage the immediate crises, work on addressing the symptoms, establish and educate on the tools needed to move towards a healthier you, and then arrange the appropriate aftercare; whether that be, partial hospitalization, or other intensive outpatient services through the use of our Stepping Stones Outpatient Program[AS1] .

Please note that all concerned parties such as family members, school officials, counselors, close friends, and others may be included in the therapy process as long as it is helpful, productive, and approved.

Adult Services

If you are 18 years of age or older and are observing the warning signs of depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, or any other mental health concern, or are the loved one of someone 18 or older who needs professional medical assistance, our Adult Inpatient Treatment Program can help. Inpatient services can deal with the crisis at hand in a controlled setting, offering medical attention for both physical and emotional conditions.

Holistic Therapies

Beyond traditional psychiatric management, all ages can benefit from our inclusive treatments which can include:

  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Music and Movement
  • Pet Therapy
  • Reading and Journaling
  • Expressive Arts

Don’t delay. Contact us today to get more information about all of our programs and to find out how Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is the beginning of hope, healing, and recovery.