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March 18, 2020

Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital has been monitoring the daily events surrounding the COVID-19 virus and complying with guidance from the CDC and our state and local public health departments. While we maintain our commitment to high quality and compassionate care, we are keenly aware that we must protect and maintain a safe treatment environment for our patients, family members, and staff. We are here to support and protect each other. As such, we have implemented the following procedures/restrictions, effective as of March 17, 2020

  1. Upon entering our building all employees, family members, vendors, and patients will be asked specific questions about their current healthcare status, including signs and symptoms of any upper respiratory conditions. This brief questionnaire will also include a temperature scan.
  2. Outpatient services will continue as normal, but patients will be queried about symptoms and will be scanned for temperature.
  3. As of March 18, 2020, we will be shortening visitation time and limiting the number of visitors to one visitor per patient, per day. We will also limit the total amount of visitors to nine at a time for our adult and adolescent populations. Visitors will be limited to adults 18 years old and above. Visitors will be asked to wait in their vehicles and/or outside of the facility until called in for visitation.
  4. All family therapy sessions will be held telephonically or virtually. In-house therapists will coordinate these appointments with family members.
  5. All vendors will be asked to enter through the employee entrance and screened for temperature. Vendor access will be limited and at the discretion of hospital management.

Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital strives to keep everyone who has entrusted their care to us in the safest environment possible. As information changes, we will update these procedures. We appreciate your understanding as we respond to these challenges and take utmost care for all of our patients.

Jeff Chinn
Interim CEO, Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

For quality, dedicated mental health care in central California, count on Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital. Our services are designed to treat children, adolescents, and adults dealing with the struggles of mental illness, substance misuse and dependence disorders. With a qualified, caring, supportive, and accommodating staff, we help you or a loved one find the right path to recovery, whether dealing with depression, anxiety, addiction, post-traumatic stress of any distressing event or experience, and/or a combination of ailments.

An initial assessment is performed before beginning care, which helps our providers determine a unique course of treatment based on the individual. Whether it’s you or a family member seeking treatment, the staff at our mental health hospital will put the patient’s needs first and provide a comfortable and safe environment to move along the path to recovery.

The programs offered at Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital include inpatient and outpatient services, as well as family support and resources for continuing recovery following completion of care with our staff. Upon entry into one of our programs, each patient gets a team of medical professionals that is dedicated to his or her success and recovery. We use a variety of treatment methods to improve the lives of our patients. From group therapy to individual counseling, medication, recreational therapy, education, and meditation, our programs provide comprehensive care that promotes healing now and in the future.

We understand dealing with mental illness and/or chemical dependency is complicated and serious. That’s why we put our patients first and dedicate ourselves to finding recovery solutions as quickly and as effectively as possible. By listening to the needs, concerns, and fears of each patient, we work together to find the right care path for long-term success, including setting forth a continuum of care for every individual as they re-enter the community.

Explore our programs to see if Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital can provide the mental health care and chemical dependency treatment you need, or contact us with questions and to set up an free and confidential assessment.

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