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Healthy at Home: Resources for Improving Mental Health

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Amidst the stay-at-home orders and COVID-19, Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital wants our community to know that we are in this #together! Bakersfield Behavioral has been doing their part to show their support for their community through various forms.

They have been posting Facebook videos with short therapeutic messages, 60 second grounding techniques, and interviews with hospital or community members with helpful tips. Bakersfield Behavioral would now like to introduce their new page entitled, “Healthy at Home”! This page will include a few of their Facebook videos, fun activities to do at home, recipes to try, projects to do, and much more.

Make sure to also like and follow Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital on their Facebook and Instagram pages for more videos, interviews, helpful tips, and great ideas of things to do while at home and as you start to return to work.

Our team has put together a 30-Day Challenge of fun activities that you can do with your family members and, virtually, with your friends during the COVID-19 pandemic. While many of us cannot be together face-to-face, we can still have fun together! Social media provides the perfect platform to share your experiences with friends and relatives while maintaining social distancing. By sharing photos and videos, friends and loved ones can join your family on the 30-Day challenge.

Everyone needs a little encouragement. We have compiled a list of affirmation words that you can use each day to help you feel food and feel happy. We recommend that you look in the mirror and tell yourself a few of these words each day. It’s an easy practice for maintaining good mental health. You are strong, you are loving, and you are brilliant!

The journey of improving mental health is different for everyone. However, some guidance and mental health tips never hurt. We put together a list of nine easy steps that almost anyone can use to improve their mental health, cope with stress, and reduce symptoms of mental health struggles.

Reactions to Stress amidst COVID-19

Join River, a licensed and family therapist and Director of Clinical Services at Bakersfield Behavioral, as they discuss healthy coping mechanisms during this pandemic. Everyone handles stress differently.

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Mindfulness in our Kids and Teens

Being present in the moment is very powerful. Join River, a licensed and family therapist and Director of Clinical Services at Bakersfield Behavioral, as they discuss ways to use mindfulness with our kids and teens.

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Depression and the Holiday Season

Join River, a licensed and family therapist and Director of Clinical Services at Bakersfield Behavioral, as they discuss the holidays. The "Holiday Blues" are a real thing.

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Anger Management

As a part of Mindful Monday sessions, mental health professional Greg, a licensed marraige and family therapist, shares a useful anger management technique.

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The Importance of Hobbies

Our very own Greg Yeasley discusses the importance of hobbies, particularly as they relate to maintaining mental health

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Behavior Modification

In our Wellness Wednesday video, licensed marriage and family therapist Greg Yeasley talks about how we can make changes to our behavior

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Breathing Exercises

In this video, Greg shares a popular breathing exercise that we use at Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital.

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Teena - The Jason Foundation

Teena, our Community Liaison, discuss the Jason Foundation, a national nonprofit organization that addresses the silent epidemic of youth suicide

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Spanish PSA

We are here for our Spanish-speaking community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out our Spanish public service announcement and contact us to learn more about our treatment options in Spanish.

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Inteview with Leah Lopeteguy Hoffman

We talk with our community partner Leah, a licensed marriage and family therapist, about maintaining mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Interview with Bakersfield Police Department

In this video, we talk with Nathan and Jeff from the Bakersfield Police Department about the intersection of policing and mental health during the current public health crisis.

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DIY - Yard Block Stacking Game

The COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing precautions can be difficult, especially with kids. In this video, our friends Mr. B and Mr. Z show you how to make a DIY block stacking game.

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