Suicide Awareness and Prevention | Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

October 8, 2019 Posted in: Press Release

There are about 129 suicides in the US... Continue reading →

6 Tips for Overcoming Negative Thinking

October 8, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

Overcoming Negative Thinking

Everyone experiences negative thinking from time to time. However, for some,... Continue reading →

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

September 23, 2019 Posted in: Press Release

It’s common knowledge that exercise is an important component of improving your physical health. But did you... Continue reading →

Treating Teen Depression Might Improve Mental Health of Parents, Too

August 21, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

There are so many changes happening to adolescents on a physical, emotional, and intellectual level, and this can... Continue reading →

How Much is Lack of Sleep Damaging Your Mental Health?

July 18, 2019 Posted in: Press Release

Drowsy driving is believed to be as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. According to the National Highway Traffic... Continue reading →

How a Healthy Morning Routine Can Improve Your Mental Health

June 14, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

Most of us have morning routines already, but are they healthy? Hitting the snooze button again and again for some... Continue reading →

The Benefits of Meditation for Mental Health

June 14, 2019 Posted in: Press Release

Meditation, in all of its variations, is an ancient technique that has been used by many cultures throughout... Continue reading →

Reach Your Mental Health Goals with These 5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

January 17, 2019 Posted in: Announcement

Every new year, gym memberships soar as countless men and women around the globe conjure up ambitious resolutions... Continue reading →

The 5 Warning Signs of Depression Everyone Should Know About

December 10, 2018 Posted in: Announcement

The majority of individuals who live with a major depressive disorder do nothing to obtain relief from their... Continue reading →

Dealing With Family Discord

December 3, 2018 Posted in: Announcement

Family discord is natural and inevitable. No family can live in perfect harmony and at some point in time, every... Continue reading →