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The Woman's March in Kern County

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womens march

The morning of January 20th brought out huge groups of women, and their allies, to Central Park in Bakersfield to participate in the first official Kern County Women’s March. There were some differing estimates for just how many people attended Saturday’s march, but the general consensus is between 5,000 and 7,000 people.

It was truly amazing to see such a large group of people gathered for women’s causes. This group is working to spread the message that change happens when you get involved, and by the numbers that turned up for this march, the message was loud and clear. Everyone was dressed up to keep warm but they made sure to bring their colorful, and sometimes humorous, signs to show just what issues were most important to them.

The mood was that of comradery and unity. The speakers and musicians that participated were both sobering and inspiring. Some of the speakers for this event were; Monica Bermudez, Criminal Defense Attorney, Audrey Chavez, Local Activist, Jan Hefner from The Center for Sexuality & Gender Diversity and Andrea D. Thorson, Dean of Instruction at Bakersfield College.

BBHH was there to show support and to engage our community in conversation about mental health. It was an honor to be among such driven individuals, to hear about their struggles and to hear about how we, as a community, can come together to support each other.