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Suicide prevention & awareness forum

BAKERSFIELD, CA (August 15, 2018): September is National Suicide Awareness Month and we at Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital (BBHH) would like to unite with our community to bring about education and awareness on this silent epidemic.

BBHH works closely with local and national non-profit organizations like The Jason Foundation and NAMI Kern (National Alliance for Mental Illness) in partnering to advocate for Mental Health and Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

It is alarming to note that, according to The Jason Foundation as of 2017, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of deaths ages 10-34 and the 10th leading cause of all deaths by any age group. We must be vigilant in finding ways to help our loved ones.

According the cdc.gov, you can help:

  • Learn the warning signs of suicide to identify and appropriately respond to people at risk.
  • Understand the myths from the facts and help educate others.
  • Reduce access to lethal means – such as medications and firearms – among people at risk of suicide.
  • Know who to contact in order to find the appropriate help.

There are various organizations that can help you, some of those are:

Suicide Prevention Hotline:

Crisis Hotline:

Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

Join BBHH for a free event for the entire community at 5201 White Lane on September 6th, 2018, at 6 pm. We will be discussing Mental Health, Suicide Awareness, and Prevention along with ways to be an advocate for those you love. Please join us as we work towards making a difference and as we recognize Suicide Awareness Month, because only together can we make a difference

Please RSVP to abk.marketing@bakersfieldbehavioral.com.

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