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Robin McGeough, Director of Chemical Dependency Services at Aurora Charter Oak, began Run4Recovery in 2007 to raise money for The Puente House Foundation, which provides assistance to women and men who struggle with alcoholism and addiction. Puente House has helped thousands of alcoholics and addicts, introducing them to 12-step recovery programs and surrounding them with men and women who share victory over similar experiences.

Karl Moris, owner of Puente House says, "It is difficult to adequately express how very much we appreciate the amazing effort Robin makes every year on behalf of Puente House. He is such an inspiration to all of us."

The men and women who live in Puente House come face to face with the truth regarding the fatality of their disease. Living in a safe, supportive and sober environment the residents learn the way to a happier, meaningful life that is free from the bondage of addiction and they discover the courage to begin a different life.

"It's nothing short of amazing what happens at Puente House and I am humbled to be a part of supporting their efforts," McGeough explains.

Each year, Run4Recovery has helped to raise thousands of dollars for the Puente House Foundation. In turn, hundreds of patients have received scholarships which provide recovery home housing and other services to those recovering men and women most vulnerable to relapse. Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is proud to now support this event and is eager to collaborate with the Puente House in hopes of bringing additional help to those who might not otherwise be able to take advantage of vital wrap-around addiction services.

This Year, the event will be held in October with Robin McGeough starting his ride in Oregon, traveling through Reno where he will visit our sister hospital, come to Bakersfield where we will hold a large event celebrating recovery, and ending at our sister hospital in Los Angeles County.