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May is Mental Health Awareness

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May marks Mental Health Awareness Month and Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital understand that now more than ever, mental health is the topic of many conversations throughout their community and the country. With the Stay-At-Home order still in place, many are finding themselves or loved ones facing feelings of anxiety, restlessness, or even depression. Many are even taking to social media platforms to express their frustrations and their concerns about the prolonged effects of isolation. Bakersfield Behavioral is dedicated to helping their community through these same social media platforms by offering various techniques to combat their heightened feelings during this time.

Bakersfield Behavioral will be dedicating a heightened presence on social media platforms as well as through drive-up give-a-ways in order to help those in need during the month of May. They are dedicated to providing educational material and activities to their community every day in the month of May and would love for their community to join them.

Bakersfield Behavioral is inviting their community to be a part of the following activities throughout the month.

  • Visit Bakersfield Behavioral’ s Facebook and Instagram pages daily for new activities, videos, and articles.
  • Participate in their #iwontbesilent campaign all month long. Send them your pictures with a poster that has #iwontbesilent or #wewontbesilent on it and they will share them on their social media and website throughout the month.
  • Be a part of their letters to heroes’ campaign
    • Have the entire family create thank you cards for all those who are on the frontlines in the community.
  • Sign up for their Community Newsletter which is distributed weekly @ abk.marketing@bakersfieldbehavioral.com
  • The first week of the month, demonstrate your solidarity and decorate your home windows, yard, and/or your work space in green. Send pictures to abk.marketing@bakersfieldbehavioral.com
  • During the second week, come to their Drive-Thru Goodie Bag Give-A-Way located at 5201 White Lane from 9am to 12pm on Monday May 11th.
  • The third week in May, dress up as your favorite super hero on Wednesday May 20th, 2020 – make sure to send in pictures!
  • The last week of the month, dress in green all week.
  • Send in pictures/videos to abk.marketing@bakersfieldbehavioral of you and your family trying out the suggested activities such as:
    • A family Dance Party
    • Creating a Blanket Fort
    • Doing something nice for the neighborhood from a distance, like making yard signs or putting your Christmas lights back up.
    • Do a picture Scavenger hunt with the family
    • Host a Zoom/Skype family game night

Bakersfield Behavioral will also be taking the month of May to show their appreciation to all of those who are first responders by initiating “A Month of Heroes”. The Business Development team will be putting together thank you cards and goodies to deliver to our Fire Department, Police Department, Sherriff’s Department, Hall Ambulance, and of course our Hospitals!

If you would like to join Bakersfield Behavioral in showing your appreciation to all those on the front lines, please send in your cards to Attn: Business Development @ 5201 White Lane Bakersfield, CA 93309. Alone --- We are in this TOGETHER, because BBHH CARES!