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Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital’s First Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learn

On January 31st, we held our first Lunch & Learn in our ongoing series for 2018. Our guest speaker for the event were Jen Hefner and Anne Pinckney from The Center for Sexuality & Gender Diversity.

Over the course of an hour, members of our community and some of our BBHH staff learned about diversity and inclusivity. There were many great examples of ways we can help our patient’s feel safe and welcomed as well as how we can interact with each other in a respectful and compassionate way.  We learned about proper use of pronouns and how to ask if we are unsure. We also got to talk about some previously acceptable terms that are no longer used and some offensive comparisons that are made that the LBGTQ+ community is working change.

The question and answer segment gave everyone a safe space to ask about things they did not understand without judgement. Over all, this presentation was very informative and helpful.

Feedback from BBHH employees who attended was overwhelmingly positive. We were really honored to have such a passionate and community minded pair from The Center for our first Lunch & Learn. We look forward to working with more individuals and groups from our community for the rest of 2018!