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Beautiful Bakersfield 2018 Awards Gala

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Beautiful Bakersfield 2018 Awards Gala

This year Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital was nominated in three different categories for the 2018 Beautiful Bakersfield Awards. Held this last Saturday night June 2nd, it was a night of great reflection as we were privileged to sit among so many amazing individuals and organizations who truly impact our community in large ways. We sincerely appreciate everyone at the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce who worked tirelessly to put together such a wonderful evening.

We would also like to show our appreciation for those who nominated us in the categories of Health, Corporation of the Year, and Business Person of the year. Although we did not take an award home Saturday night, we all felt as though we had truly won. Each day we are privileged to have the chance to help our community in various ways and that work means the world to us all here at Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital thus making us true winners always!