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According to the cdc.gov, it is estimated that one in every five individuals suffer from a Mental Health Diagnosis, and one in every twenty-five individuals suffer from a debilitating depression that can alienate them from friends, family, and normal activities. We at BBHH feel passionately about educating our community about Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Suicide Awareness and it is because of this that we are out in the community engaging in educational presentations such as the one that we recently did at South High School. Partnering up with schools, churches, local businesses, and various organizations enables us the opportunity to help our community understand the stigma that is attached to these topics along with giving them pertinent information that can help them or a loved one navigate their way through recovery. As we start into the new year, we are looking forward to being able to partner with more local organizations to bring about this awareness and help wherever we can. If you would like us to come out and speak to your group, please give Amber or Teena a call at 661-747-8697 or 661-912-3397 and we would be happy to coordinate an event that best suites your schedule.