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Partnering with ABC Channel 23

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We at BBHH are excited to announce the recent partnering with ABC Channel 23 in an upcoming and ongoing “Conquering Addiction” series. With this series we will be offering monthly articles that take a look at the serious issues that affect all of us around the world and also right here in our own backyards, namely addiction. It is estimated that last year alone more individuals die due to opiate overdose than all those who dies in the Vietnam and Iraq wars. This ever-growing epidemic affects one in every ten people and so we are left constantly asking ourselves how to help those we love conquer their addiction? Through our partnering with Channel 23 we will be posting a new educational article every month that will address issues such as, “When to talk to your teens about drugs?”, “Is your loved one addicted to drugs/alcohol?” and much more. Along with these articles, you will be able to participate in a chemical dependency online quiz, helping answer if you or a loved one might need to seek professional help for a chemical dependency issue. We are also very proud of our, “Take the Pledge” aspect of the campaign where individuals will be able to take their pledge to stay Substance Free. This is a great tool that Teachers, Coaches, Clergy, and parents alike can use to initiate the conversation about drugs and alcohol as well as encourage their loved ones to stay or get sober! To see all of the online articles, take the quiz, or make the pledge you can follow the link; http://www.turnto23.com/conquering-addiction, you can also see our “Conquering Addiction” commercial’s on Channel 23!