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National Night Out with KCSD

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Each year, all across the country, law enforcement agencies participate in the National Night Out. This night is designed to build community and partnerships with local law enforcement for stronger, safer neighborhoods. This year on August 7th, Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital had the opportunity to participate and support the Kern County Sheriff’s Department on their National Night Out.

The community was out in force for this amazing night filled with food and fun for families. Along with the different aspects of the Sheriff’s Department (Bomb Squad, K-9 Unit, S.W.A.T. etc.), other agencies were there to let families, especially kids, get a glimpse of the cool things they do for the community. The California Highway Patrol was on sight with some fun giveaways, Hall Ambulance was there to let people see the inside of their ambulance and answer questions, Search and Rescue had their huge truck parked out front with all the doors and storage compartments open for everyone to see the massive amounts of gear that they carry for various emergencies and kids could climb up into the truck for a look around. There were even two tours given for the KCSD Air Support Unit and everyone got to see, up close, the helicopters and the plane that the Sheriff’s Department use for various activities.

All in all, it was a great time and the turnout was fantastic. We were happy to be on hand to give out brochures, candy and answer questions for our community. We look forward to participating next year!

Urban search and rescue busA fireman helping a little boy with a helmetPeople sitting at BBHH event booth