Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

Our hospital is in the unique position to address both adolescent and children’s mental health needs.

  • Children (ages 5-12)
    • One (1) unit to serve children ages 5-12
  • Adolescents (ages 13-17)
    • Two (2) units to serve both males and females
    • Assigned to a unit based upon their age 

Program Philosophy

The children we treat come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. They are typically admitted because they are having thoughts or behaviors that may pose a danger to themselves and/or others.

While in the hospital, the primary goal of treatment is to decrease the behavioral and emotional difficulties of the children or adolescents and provide support and assistance to the families we serve. Parents and guardians are highly encouraged to be involved in the planning process and will have the opportunity to speak with members of the treatment team about the child’s progress. In addition, the unit therapists will work with parents or guardians to locate youth mental health resources and will guide them towards services in their communities that are patient specific to support their aftercare plan.

Program Description

Treatment Team and Plan

A treatment team is provided to each patient who is admitted to the hospital. Each team includes a Psychiatrist, Nurse, Care Manager, and Therapist. With the involvement and input from the patient, a treatment plan is developed so that the individual needs of each patient are addressed. Progress is reviewed daily with each patient and their assigned treatment team during the rounds with the Physician.

The Child and Adolescent programs are crafted specifically for the developmental ages of the patients. The programs content is based on evidence based methods that have proven effective in research studies. The programs methods of delivery include:

  • Family meetings or therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Parent education
  • Recreation activities
  • Relaxation training
  • Medication management

Benefits of Program

The program provides a structured, consistent and nurturing environment. Within such a milieu, systematic applications of positive reinforcement principles are utilized. All interventions help the children develop trust in others, increase their level of self-control, develop the ability to take initiative, and learn important skills in socialization, self-expression and other practical areas.

If your child is dealing with a mental health issue and you need youth services that accommodate the special needs of young patients, contact Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital. We don’t just provide children’s mental health treatment, we provide care.