Partial Hospitalization Program


Program Philosophy:

The purpose of this program is to help patients to reduce or stabilize symptoms while still living at home and among family. With partial hospitalization treatment, patients receive education about their condition, practice the skills needed to anticipate and manage symptoms, and meet others who have similar concerns and struggles. Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital's partial hospitalization program offers a short-term treatment option if you’re struggling with persistent symptoms of mental health problems. In this program, you’re able to live at home but return to our facility daily for structured therapy.

Benefits of our Partial Hospitalization Program:

Program participants in the Partial Hospitalization Program would attend Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and then return home every evening. This program is an ideal stepping stone to bridge your progress made in Inpatient and allowing you a more frequent and intensive Therapeutic regimen before then transitioning into our Outpatient services which are held three days a week for approximately three hours a day. This return home every evening strengthens a successful outcome by giving you the ability to maintain essential links to family and community. This important, individual time allows you to practice new skills learned in the group process, promoting confidence and independence.

Program Description:

Our multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, nurses, psychotherapists, and case managers use medical, psychological and social methods to meet patients’ specific needs. A typical day in our partial hospitalization mental health program may include group education and therapy, individual and family therapy as needed, psychiatric evaluation, medication check-ins, and help with aftercare.

Advantages of the Partial Hospitalization Program:

  • Patient continues to live at home
  • Multi-disciplinary approach includes weekly psychiatric oversight & supervision
  • Designed and led by an experienced LMFT
  • Full-time psychiatric nurse

Our Partial Hospitalization Program includes:

  • Psychiatric assessments and treatment
  • Group therapy
  • Activities therapy to include:
    • Music, art, and movement
    • Family group education
    • Individual counseling
    • Individualized group therapy
    • Adult education and life skills
    • Individual treatment planning
    • Discharge planning
    • Community referrals

Our goal is to help you get back to living your life with greater insight and adjustment.