Healthy Living in 2021

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For the last year, we have missed out on community health fairs and other group events in an effort to keep us all safe and healthy. In the past, health fairs brought a lot of different organizations together to give great information to our community. This year, we decided that we wanted to try and bring all of that same, great information to all of you in the comfort of your own homes with our first ever televised event entitle, “Healthy Living in 2021”! Although we are a psychiatric and medical detox hospital providing essential services to the Kern County and surrounding areas, we did not focus solely on mental health or addiction because we believe in a holistic approach to one’s wellbeing which basically means that you must take care of the WHOLE person. It’s because of this ideal, along with the mission, vision, and values of Bakersfield Behavioral that drove us to put together this televised event and subsequently this page of helpful information. We were thrilled to be partnered with local agencies that helped us with things such as:

  • Exercises at home
  • Creating coping kits
  • Healthy recipes – with an opportunity to claim a free cookbook (link to cookbook page)
  • Fun game ideas for the entire family
  • Questions answered by a panel of great local doctors ranging in specialties
  • A wonderful message from our Mayor Karen Goh
We at Bakersfield Behavioral were thrilled to partner with KGET 17 on this project, and we look forward to many more great opportunities to bring vital resources for the whole family and the whole person to our entire community! If you didn’t get a chance to see this amazing event, make sure to visit our YouTube channel to view it in part or in its entirety.

To receive your free cookbook:

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