Run 4 Recovery

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Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is proud to be partnering with The Puente House in hosting the Run4Recovery event, Wednesday, October 20th at 3 pm.

Each year, Run4Recovery has helped to raise thousands of dollars for the Puente House Foundation. By raising these funds, its opened-up opportunities for so many to receive scholarships which provide recovery home housing and other services to those recovering men and women most vulnerable to relapse.

Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is proud to support this event again this year and is eager to collaborate with the Puente House in hopes of bringing additional help to those here in Kern County who might not otherwise be able to take advantage of vital wrap-around addiction services.

What’s going on: Wednesday, October 20th at 3 pm, Bakersfield Behavioral along with other local sober living homes will line White Lane in front of their hospital to welcome Robin Mcgeough and his team of cyclists as the make way into Bakersfield.

Where: This ride started in Portland, Oregon and will end in Covina totaling 1,100 miles. Robin and his team will make a stop in Reno, Nevada at one of Bakersfield Behavioral’ s sister hospitals and will end in Covina at Aurora Charter Oaks hospital.

How to be a part: Bakersfield Behavioral invites all those who would like to create signs of encouragement to do so and drop them off at 5201 White Lane where they will be displayed in front of their hospital as Robin and his team ride in. You can purchase a Run4Recovery T-shirt for $25.00 by contacting sending in your request to You can also join them the day of the event to welcome in the riders wearing your T-shirt or via Facebook Live as they record this leg of their journey at 3 pm. You can also donate directly to the event at (Please use the Bakersfield Sponsor so that all proceeds will stay local)

You won’t want to miss out on this great event, and all the proceeds will go directly to The Puente House and will stay in Kern County to help Bakersfield residents with vital recovery services.