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Send a Message of Hope

September 1st marks the beginning of Suicide Awareness Month and we at Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital would like to do our part in sharing messages of hope. This year, Bakersfield Behavioral is proud to announce our Message of Hope campaign which enables our community to send personalized postcards to their friends and family members at no cost to them. In order to participate in this campaign, you need to:

  • Click on the link below.
  • Choose from one of the four images
  • Fill out all of the requested information
  • Click submit

Click here to send a message of hope.

After the submission is received, our Business Development Department at Bakersfield Behavioral will put together your request and send up to two postcards out to the friends or loved ones.

In preparation for this campaign, Bakersfield Behavioral held an art contest that was opened up to the community to participate in, and after reviewing all of the submissions, we are proud to announce the following winners:

  1. Shelby Steele
  2. Odalys Garcia Moreno
  3. Jacqlynn (Jac) Gray
  4. Cornelio Gutierrez-Lozano

Bakersfield Behavioral would like to thank all those who participated in this art contest and would also like to acknowledge all of the talent and heart that was seen in all of the submissions.

During the month of September, let’s all do our part to bring about love, acceptance, respect, empowerment, empathy, and compassion to our community. Together we can make a difference, together we can stop the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide, together we can build a stronger community, together we can show how much we CARE!