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How to Find a Mental Health Hospital Near Me

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There are a few things to look for when searching to find a mental health hospital near you.  Once you know the right questions to ask, you can reach out and get help.

What to Look for in a Mental Health Hospital

As you search for a mental health hospital near you, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For instance, you may want to find an inpatient or outpatient center. Likewise, the right treatment center will provide the right treatment programs for your unique needs.

Inpatient Versus Outpatient

One of the first decisions is whether you want to go to an inpatient or outpatient treatment center. Some mental health hospitals have both options. While inpatient treatment is more intensive, outpatient centers are better if you need to keep working or manage family responsibilities while you seek treatment.    

Individualized Treatment

When you search for a mental health hospital nearby, you should try to find a location with individualized treatment. During the intake process, the treatment center will figure out the conditions you need to treat. Then, they should give you a customized treatment plan that is suited to your unique needs.

Evidence-Based Programs

There are effective treatments for mental health conditions, but these treatments can vary based on your mental health disorder. Ideally, the location should only use evidence-based treatments.

Staff Quality

When you start searching for a mental health therapist near you, you need to find someone you can trust. A good treatment center uses collaborative care and high-quality therapists. In addition to skilled therapists, the other staff members will have the appropriate certifications and experiences.

A Sense of Community

The treatment center will also serve as your therapeutic community, so it’s important to find a place where you fit in. For example, you may need a support group for a specific mental health disorder. Social support is an important part of the treatment process, so choose your therapeutic community wisely.   

Questions to Ask a Mental Health Hospital

Since each treatment center offers different programs and amenities, it is important to ask a few questions before you enroll. If you can’t find the answers to these questions on the center’s website, you can always call an intake counselor to find out more information about specific programs and the conditions they are able to treat.

  • Does the hospital use evidence-based treatments?
  • Will the program help you achieve your personal and professional goals while you receive treatment?
  • Is it accredited? What kind of licensing does it have?
  • Does the program include the right treatments and therapies for you or your loved one?
  • Is it possible to tour the treatment center before you begin the treatment process?
  • How effective is this program? Are there any statistics or results to back up the program’s effectiveness?
  • How can families take part in treatment? Is family therapy offered?
  • What does a typical day in the treatment center look like?
  • How long does someone typically stay at the treatment center?
  • Is it an inpatient or outpatient facility?
  • Is the treatment center willing to work with insurance providers? Are there scholarships or financial aid options?

How to Contact a Mental Health Hospital Near Me

You can typically find a treatment center in your area by going to the website of a mental health hospital. If you are uncertain about where to go, Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital can help. You can reach out to one of our experienced intake counselors today to learn more about our programs.

Mental Health Options in Your Area

After searching for a mental health hospital near me, it can be difficult to decide which treatment center is the right one for your needs. The first step in helping patients get the treatment they need is by calling or emailing a treatment center. For more information about how we can help, reach out to Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital today.