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High Five Fridays

Hello to all and Happy High Five Friday,

I would like to start this week’s blog with an explanation of why we call it “High Five Friday” around BBHH. Sometime back when I first started here at BBHH we had an employee whose enthusiasm was contagious to say the least. She always made it a point to show appreciation and joy to everyone around her and each Friday she would happily give High Fives to all those she came across. This seemingly simple interaction with everyone became a wonderful Friday routine. It became a fun tradition and almost competition to see who could pass out the most High Fives within the walls of the hospital inciting a little friendly competition, which always ended in laughter and excited conversations. Something as simple as giving someone a high five encouraged healthy interaction amongst coworkers, a sense of teamwork, and engagement in one another’s lives and wellbeing. Even though this employee is no longer with the hospital, her contagious act of kindness and enthusiasm continues on with each High Five given out on Fridays.

The reason I share this with you this week is because it goes to show that with simple acts, you’re able to start a fun and healthy routine, which can cause happiness and camaraderie amongst coworkers with positive trickle-down effects that you may never anticipate. What can you do to start a fun tradition either at home or at work that promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle? Here are a few tips to start you thinking about what you can do at home or at work to promote a happy and healthy 2019 tradition.

  1. Make it a point to say hello and smile to everyone you encounter in the halls of your business. We call it the 10 and 5 rule – within 10 feet of someone, smile and within 5 feet of that person, make it a point to say hello! This creates an atmosphere of kindness, welcoming, and teamwork throughout your work that promotes a healthier and happier culture.
  2. Use your breaks to take a break from your desk or work space. If possible, ask a coworker to join you and take a walk outside around your facility. For those who work inside for the majority of their day, it’s especially important to ensure you are receiving a daily dose of Vitamin D. Fresh air, sunshine, and a nice walk does wonders for your physical health in so many ways. If you are not able to walk, maybe find a nice quiet location outside that you can sit and mediate for 5 minutes. Taking a moment to clear your mind of the demands and deadlines of your job can truly promote good positive health.
  3. Start a recipe swap with your coworkers. For many people, their desire to eat healthy is trumped by their lack of creative new ways to prepare those meals. We have started a healthy eating campaign here at BBHH where we invite everyone in the hospital to submit healthy recipes, which we then include in our monthly newsletter for all of the employees. Even if your work does not have a company-wide newsletter, that’s ok, start small, start exchanging recipes with those who sit around you or within your department. Maybe you all can take turns making a new recipe and bringing it in to share with the rest in your department. Even minor adjustments to old recipes, which may cut out some of the carbs, fat, or calories is a great starting point and will help you towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever it is that you decide to do to promote a healthier and happier life – start it today! We often times think that we must create grand gestures to really make any kind of difference however in the end, a simple smile, a walk around the parking lot, or a high five on Fridays might be just the small spark it takes to ignite a healthy change in your life!

Until next week; In Everything you do – CARE

Written by: Amber Smithson