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June Community Newsletter

Our June Community Newsletter is now available!

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Gardening and Your Mental Health

An online article published by Psychology Today, stated, "Spending time outside is good for our bodies and our minds." How many of us on a beautiful spring day have left the folds of our comfy couches and traded our house slippers for a sturdy pair of boots so that we can spend the day outside...

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Social Isolation and Mental Health

Governmental and health entities are encouraging the public to self-isolate and social distance as we attempt to the curb the impact of COVID-19 and its immediate threat to our communities...

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Business Development Department at BBHH

I thought that this week I would introduce all of you to some of the amazing individuals that work tirelessly every day out in our community. Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital (BBHH) has a department of individuals whose main focus is connecting to those we serve in Kern County and the surrounding areas...

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Thank you, Thanks, Gracias, Merci Beaucoup, Grazie, Do Jeh, Danke Sehr, Todo, Mahalo, Efharisto, are all ways that some might show their appreciation for a kind gesture. How do you show your appreciation? This week I thought we could discuss the importance of showing appreciation. People might say that they do a good job when it comes to showing others appreciation...

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How well do you handle change?

This week I thought we could discuss change. With the beginning of any new year, a lot of people decide to make changes to their life. Some of those changes are monumental and require quite a bit of adjustment, while others are small, almost nonconsequential and require very minimal adjustment. ...

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High Five Fridays

I would like to start this week’s blog with an explanation of why we call it “High Five Friday” around BBHH. Sometime back when I first started here at BBHH we had an employee whose enthusiasm was contagious to say the least...

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In Everything You Do - Care

With the 2018 year quickly coming to a close I thought this would be the perfect time to start a new series of blogs from all of us here at Bakersfield Behavioral Healthcare Hospital (BBHH). As with the ending of any year and the birth of a new one, we all tend to sit and reflect on the year’s activities...

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Happy Holidays

Every day we are fortunate enough to work shoulder to shoulder with some amazing agencies and individuals in Kern County to provide excellent care to the lives we touch. Only together...

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